Business Coaching

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It’s helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”  – Tim Gallwey

Griddfix will mentor and coach entrepreneurs and small business owners in:

  • Small Business Strategy
  • Planning
  • Problem Solving
  • Time management
  • Finding Clarity
  • Decision Making
  • Getting into action

We will help clients develop a plan and implement a project.

We believe that there is a wealth of potential entrepreneurial ideas and dreams that are not being realized because many among our target market are just not sure how to get started. Our goal is to set our clients on a path of action to realize their dreams and visions. Learn More…


Business Startup

You’re excited about starting your own business. Maybe you have an idea, or you’re just passionate about a particular interest. That’s how it was with many of us, but we just didn’t know how to start.

“If you can push through that feeling of being scared, that feeling of taking a risk, really amazing things can happen.”

Marissa Mayer, president & CEO of Yahoo!

We will provide coaching, consultation, and technical assistance for you to define, develop, and decide on:

  • Market Research
  • Business Model
  • Marketing Plan
  • Long Term Goals
  • Development Strategy
  • Trend Analysis
  • Personal Resources

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HR Program Assessment

“Providing employment is the best form of social service, as it serves you, others, your country, your world – the entire society.” –  Amit Kalantri

Changes to the regulatory environment, technology advancements, generational differences, and the labor market have necessitated an evolution of the HR department’s contribution to business success. As a knowledgeable, fresh set of eyes on your organization’s HR program, Griddfix conducts a thorough analysis of current:

  • HR Structure
  • Staffing levels
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Key processes
  • System utilization.

The HR Program Assessment Findings + Recommendation Report includes evaluation of the current state of the HR function along with recommendations for the future state. Learn More

About Griddfix

“I have a vision and passion to help struggling disable Veterans and entrepreneurial spirits within my community who, but for the lack of knowledge and direction, want to start their own business; get out from under the yoke of the 9 – 5 routine; be their own boss; set their own schedule; and chart their own course.”  David Liddle


Next Steps…

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